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Community Services Plus



Being a part of our community is extremely important to the leaders and  students of BDI. Bringing the magic of dance and fitness to our neighbors is one of our favorite things to do. Wether it's the underprivileged, the confined, those with special needs, or special groups (such as; American Cancer Society, American Veterans, Habitat for Humanity), we are here to support you. 



Blaize Dance, Inc. has been involved with dance and fitness school events that allows kids to have fun while they exercise. We have partnered with various public schools hosting events such as, after school programs, career day, fitness day, and other themed occasions. We work closely with PTA's and school clubs to bring positive activities to the students.  


Dance It Off! - coming soon!

Our signature Dance Fitness Class has been around for a while. We have made some changes that we think you will like. Come back in 2012 for a special surprise. 


Seasonal Theatrical Productions

Lights, camera, action! We will talk more about his later.  We have four productions per year so be on the look out for auditions near you. 

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