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The Importance of Self-care

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Mommy Blog Post Date: August 20 at 10:57 pm By, Judhit Zarazua Mother, Wife, Blogger, and Student 1 daughter: Lliyah 8 months

Self Care

I've been learning a lot about the importance of self-care lately. Being a mom and wife is my life and joy, but I've realized that I can't enjoy either without taking care of myself. My mind has felt cluttered and stretched thin which has made my day to day life incredibly hectic. I’ve reacted to situations and people I love in dishonorable ways. At times, my tone in conversations comes off disrespectful. My thoughts became never-ending and my mind became restless. So, self-care came to mind when I started lashing out at my husband and having less patience with everyone and everything.

Self Care Looks Different for Every Mom

At first, I would try to do little things that didn’t involve anything other than myself. But whenever I would sit down to watch Netflix or do my nails a feeling would start to sit in. Guilt. It would slowly take over me. It would show its ugly face and I wouldn’t be able to shake it. I would have to get up and do something to feel better about myself. What an exhausting cycle! Guilt is such a manipulative feeling that can rob you of many things in life. It can make you think that you're a bad mom or wife for putting yourself first from time to time. Even putting myself first, once a day, always made me feel uncomfortable.

Self-care looks different for every woman. For me, I've realized, that it needs to be two things.

Center Yourself

Number one: I need to sit down with my Bible and soak up God's word. I didn't realize how much I was depriving myself until I opened my journal and Bible not too long ago. I really missed my time with Jesus and I realized how long it had been since I spent time with Him when I looked at my last journal date. Since I've placed my devotions on the top of my list, my clarity of mind has returned.

Number two: Setting time aside for my craft. My writing. My passion. Working towards my goals which are few but great. This is such a biggie for me as well. I've always been a bit ambitious and I crave work and creativity.

I'm Needed

You see, moms, taking care of us, yourself, is so important. I'm new to this but I'm quickly realizing that I need time for myself. Not time for mommy, but for Judhit. Not wifey, me. Time for the individual that I was prior to marriage and a baby. The one who wants to pursue Jesus with all her heart, the one that wants to write and publish, the one who loves to workout, the one who has goals and pursues them, the one who isn't afraid of anything and pushes boundaries. My husband needs me. My baby needs me. I need me.

So, set some time aside, mommies. Rebuke that guilt of always needing to clean the house, doing laundry, dishes, more laundry, etc. Quiet your mind. Get to know you again. Read. Don't read. Doesn't matter. Just...set aside at least 30 minutes a day for you. For your heart. For your mind.

Here are ten ideas that can help you get started with your “me time”

  1. Read your favorite novel.

  2. Pamper yourself with a massage, pedicure, or both!

  3. Exercise. Go for a walk or a bike ride.

  4. Take a nap.

  5. Go shopping and spoil yourself.

  6. Binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix.

  7. Write down your goals. Document what you want to accomplish. Things you've always dreamed of doing.

  8. Join a fitness class with a friend. Do something that will get you out of the house.

  9. When your husband gets home, drink some wine and unwind.

  10. Call your girls up for a girls’ night!

Judhit Mills is a mother, wife, writer, and blogger. She is married to Anthony Mills and they have a beautiful daughter, Analiyah, 8 months old. They live in Plant City, FL. welcomes Judhit to the Mommy Blog’s Team. For more blog posts, you can visit Complimentary Images-Judhit Mills.

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