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My Top 5 Picks for Healthy Life Style Blog

I love Blogs. I have a few that I want to share with you that I read, like all the time. Check out the list below, in no particular order, and follow these gurus. Some of them were on the 2020 top list.

"Tell them that I sent you!"

Why follow fitness blogs?

The digital buffet world of fitness bloggers is definitely a dime a dozen. Hence, why you need to read, follow for a while and watch your results and others too. Why follow fitness blogs? Well, if you really like what you see and hear, then you will be motivated to make changes in your own life. Take a look at my top five. Let me know what you think at

NOTE: Always consult your primary physician before starting any exercise or diet.


Starting your own blog can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do list your dance/fitness/nutritional credentials. When giving tips to readers, you will want them to know that you are a trusted source. Certificates and degrees matter and so does hands on life experience in these fields.

My reviews:

  1. Daily Burn helps me to focus on all the aspects of self care! Fitness, nutrition, meditation and their quick tips are an easy read.

  2. Braking Muscle is very intimidating, aesthetically upon first glance. But when you digest the information, they are helping men and women to lift safely and target the areas that you are looking to refine, build and strengthen.

  3. My Fitness Pal - There is good reason that this blog is still in the game. One stop shopping for all our health needs. My favorite is the recipes. They are easy to follow and tasty!

  4. Massy- What can I say? I discovered her on Facebook and then before I knew it, she was everywhere! Check out "From the Blog" on here website. She has such great tips.

  5. J. Jenkins is a veteran in the game, but she keeps her exercises fresh, fun and fierce. When she started incorporating dance technique into some of her moves, I started following her (LOL).

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