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Bhangra ([bahng-gruh] Dance

September 28, 2020

How many calories can you burn in this dance?

500 calories if done correctly. You can burn almost 500 calories in one session of Masala Bhangra. Loosing up to 25 kilos (25 kg = 55.11557 pounds.) by doing it as a regular workout has been quoted.

Where can I find a Bhangra Class?

We have selected three of our favorite classes and workout sessions just for you! Click the links below.

Want to know more about Bhangra, read our article on Nikita Bokil

It’s magical, energetic, playful, and fluid. It’s called Bhangra ([bahng-gruh]. It’s a celebratory Indian traditional dance that has one of the most selective and exclusive competitions globally in places such as, Miami, London, San Francisco, and the UK. We have the pleasure of speaking with a bhangra competitor, Nikita Bokil, who gives us a glimpse into the world of a bhangra dancer.

2016 Interview with Nikita

How would you explain Bhangra Dance?

Nikita: Bhangra is a style of traditional folk dance that originates from the Northern part of India, Punjab. It originally began as a way to celebrate the harvest season, but now it has evolved to being a way of celebrating a variety of occasions or festivals. Recently, bhangra has become very popular worldwide and has made its way into the Western world with a twist, embracing influences from dance styles such as hip hop or R&B and music styles such as pop or rap.

When most people want to “bhangra”, the easiest way is to put your hands up in the air, bounce your shoulders to the beat, and hop around to the high energy drum (called a dhol). Of course, there are ways to become a more intricate and graceful dancer, and most of the moves evolve from a series of 10 base steps. People’s love for it worldwide and passion to become better dancers has led the collegiate community to come together in the form of an international circuit of competitions, where teams come to compete with each other for trophies and prize money.

Click the link below for the full article.

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